The new popular feature on buyers and renters “need” list. - Direct Rentals

The new popular feature on buyers and renters “need” list.

Due to COVID19 lockdown, people have found themselves spending more time at home then ever before. Working from home become the “New Normal” for many people who have never done so before which is why it has become more important than ever before to have a dedicated work space/ zone.  

This space is fast becoming a must for buyers and renters who are currently in the market to move. If you have a spare space or empty bedroom, here is our tips on how you can transform it into the home office to meet this growing demand.


As a homeowner, many renovation decisions are easy because you are making choices based on your personal needs and preferences. But as an investor ore preparing your home for sale, it can be challenging to make design decisions because you don’t know what the home buyers or renters exact needs are. Firstly, we need to find the perfect location. It’s best to start with a list of what the workspace could be used for and identify what needs to be done to transform the space into the productivity oasis. Some of the basics that are helpful in the home office are pinboards, notepads, desk, chair and perhaps inspo pictures/ quotes


Some people thrive working under cover of darkness, however, we recommend that your home office be filled with as much natural light as possible. When considering a spare room for a home office, the extent of natural light and the position of the fixed lighting is crucial for productivity and effectiveness in the working space.  However, it is best if natural light does not hit your desk and computer screen, that’s why the natural light should be filtered through the curtains or blinds.


Functionality is number 1 priority, so starting with selecting a suitable desk will set off the rest of the office needs. Depending on the work needs, size of the working space, and personal preference, there are plenty of desk options to consider. To complement your desk, next on the list is choosing the suitable chair. Ergonomic chair, stool or even an armchair can all accompany your office, depending on functionality and aesthetics that you are aiming for.


Wall colour;

  • Consider painting the home office walls a different colour to the rest of your home, so it feels like a different environment. Lighter neutral colours work best as they can expand the feeling  of the room and make it feel more spacious.


  • Indoor plants or freshly cut flowers will add more air, freshness and pop of colour which all contribute to productivity.


  • For the traditionalists, having a filing cabinet as a part of your home office setup is a great step to maintaining organisation. However, Hidden storage to avoid clutter will help you feel more organised in the working space. Also using natural textures like can baskets will make the space more enjoyable to be in.


  • Avoid having running cords across the room, not only as it’s an accident waiting to happen, but it can also distract you. Ensure you have adequate power points for all necessities including computer, printers, modem and lamps.  

Transforming a spare room into a home office will play to your benefit if you are thinking of selling your property or putting your home on the market to rent.

Are you thinking of listing your home? Get in touch with our team who can help you every step of the way.


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