Property Experts Invest Directly Into Sunshine Coast - Direct Rentals

Property Experts Invest Directly Into Sunshine Coast

Launching their new company structure today, Direct Collective encompasses a wide range of property specialties through their brands Direct Agents, Direct Rentals, Direct Hotels, Investor Property and the First Home Buyers Academy.

Chief Operations Officer Mal Cayley explained that Direct Collective manages around 1950 properties through its management teams across Queensland and more than 1150 right here on the Sunshine Coast, making them one of the largest property management groups across the state. He added that the Sunshine Coast is a very exciting market where they manage over a thousand business and property assets and have a dedicated growth plan.

“We truly believe the Sunshine Coast is the number 1 region in the country to be investing in property right now, and we aren’t just advising our clients to do this, we’re investing too! At circa $875M of properties under management agreements, it’s probably a great thing we believe and invest in the markets we manage!

“Expanding our staff base, office footprint, and property assets over the recent months is just the beginning.

“The team is driven by a deep desire to serve people, and we are dedicated to maximising the value and optimising the experience of sellers, buyers and custodians of homes, investments, hotels and rentals. Every step you take in the property space from now on – buying, selling, renting, investing, holiday letting and more – we’re here to help you,” shared Mal Cayley.

One of the recent acquisitions for Direct Collective was the purchase of Platinum Properties in late 2019, which today re-launches as Direct Agents.

“Built on the solid foundations of Platinum Properties, who operated as exceptional independent real estate agents on the Sunshine Coast for decades, Direct Agents now brings the next level of service and success to homeowners combining the intimacy and customer-centric approach of our local teams with the structure and support that comes from a growing and diversified public company,” explained Mal.

In purchasing and rebranding Platinum Properties, the business has retained incredible assets in the previous owners and management team staying on board. Previous co-owner Steve Turner is thrilled at this opportunity but wants to reassure clients that he’s not going anywhere.

“Business is as usual for our team and clients, but with an exciting future ahead with a great overarching company. We’re now part of something bigger, watch this space!” said Steve Turner.

When asked why the Sunshine Coast is such a hot spot, Mal Cayley advised that there’s, “a perfect combination of events that are unprecedented for any city in Australia’s history.”

“Driven by billions of dollars of infrastructure projects funded by the private and public sectors, this region is poised to expand at a level that is unprecedented and importantly, sustainable well into the future.

“The best performing region in Queensland for the past two years, outperforming Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast is now the most exciting region in Australia for property investors to be considering, with full confidence that ongoing population growth will continue to create a surplus in demand in relation to supply. Timing is a critical factor in any investment decision, and the time for the Sunshine Coast is now!” explained Mal.


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