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Investing in Property

The set of circumstances impacting the Queensland rental property market right now is putting upward pressure on rents, while tenant vacancy rates are at an historic low… with homes in some locations being signed up by home renters even before the home is completed.

Lack of investment education and understanding hold most people back from realising a better lifestyle in the future and often they’re surprised by how little it costs to buy and maintain an investment property, especially with renters and the taxman helping to cover the overheads!

Your rental return, asset growth and other tax benefits can help you build greater levels of wealth over time with a property investment plan than you can with after-tax savings or most other investments.

Why? Because successive Governments’ inability to find ways to address the shortage of affordable housing and the rising limitations to enter to the property market (first home buyers) means that there is only one solution for the almost one third of the population that rent to find adequate housing – that solution is you, the individual property investor.

One of the many advantages of being a property investor in Australia is that the Government recognises the need for private investors to contribute to the rental pool and provides incentives by the way of depreciation and other tax rebates. Over 30% of the population already rent and with the decline in entry affordability likely to see this increase to over 40% in the next 15 years or so, the Government needs private investors to add to supply more housing than ever before.

It’s not without its risk so while the opportunity is unlike any we have seen before, getting it right (the right properties in the right places at the right time) is getting harder. The strong message is… it’s a very exciting time to be investing in property but now more than ever we need expert help to get it right.

But remember, investing is only half the picture… having your property managed professionally to maximise the return on your investment is the other key ingredient and that’s where we come in.

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