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Renting with Direct Collective

Looking for a new and positive home renting experience?

We’ve purposely built a property management culture that’s very different to the way properties have always been managed in the past. We know that most other property managers focus on the needs of the property owner, but we also know that no great property arrangement can be made without renters, and value must be demonstrated, trust must be achieved, and real, honest conversations and relationships are required to achieve positive outcomes on both sides of the rental home.

What’s so different about the Direct Collective?

When you rent with the Direct Collective, you are supported in your pursuit to find the right place to call home. We believe it is our role to help match you with the property that beautifully complements your lifestyle and aspirations. The place that gives you that feeling of comfort, sanctuary, space to live and room for opportunity.

You may have noticed we don’t call you tenants. We prefer more inclusive and welcoming language and so we refer to the residents of our rental homes as ‘Home Renters’. Equally, we don’t talk about ‘the property’, instead we know this is the place you’ll call home and we will talk about it as such, with great respect. We know that our industry has a bad rap for being transactional and at arm’s length. We instead pride ourselves on being available for your calls and attentive to your needs and respectful of your home, helping ensure it remains safe and secure. Our team is made up of Relationship Managers because that is the most important part for us – the relationship between you, our team and the home owners.

We place a great focus on ‘home’. We understand that your current search is more than just ticking boxes; there is the essence of home that needs to be fulfilled. The feeling that this is the space that can play host to the next chapter of your life and it feels ‘right’.  Please feel more than welcome to reach out to us directly to discuss your needs and we’d be delighted to help you find your next home. Additionally, if the rental market doesn’t have the right home for you at this time, please know that we can also assist you with exploring a home purchase through our other specialist teams within our Direct Collective.