Property Management - Direct Rentals

Property Management

We are directly focused on providing outstanding management services for your investment property.

We are honoured by each of our clients that choose us to manage their investment homes; to ensure the property is well maintained, meeting the investment objectives and providing a safe haven for the custodians of the space.

For us, property management is not an afterthought, it’s our entire focus. Our qualified and experienced team are purely focussed on property management, allowing dedicated time and energy to ensure your investment is working for you.

We know our industry often gets a bad rap for overloading property managers with hundreds of properties and extensive task lists which doesn’t allow them to give each property or person the focus deserved. We don’t follow that model.

We have set a maximum number of properties per team member at 80, where others in our industry have over 120. We also have dedicated teams to work in their zones of genius – relationship management, accounting and processing. 


Our Structure.

Our leadership is made up of dedicated business managers and team leaders

Homing manager team are dedicated leasing specialists solely focused on getting the right people for each property.

Accounting team managing the trust account, payments and bills.

Processing specialists take care of all the administrative tasks

So, the manager of your investment property is solely focused on the relationship with you, your home renter and the opportunity to maximise your investment and optimise the experience for everyone involved.  

Additionally, we are connected within the Direct Collective to specialists in all areas of property to support your complete property journey. Each of our teams within the Direct Collective are focused on working within their genius zones. Just as we are purely focused on property management, we have teams focused on Investment Strategy, Sales, Hotel Management, Development Projects and more. 

You are always welcome to reach out to our property managers to discuss your home’s rental opportunities and we will delight in guiding you on this journey with our proven approach that delivers beyond expectation.