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New Build Rental Experts

Direct Collective are not only Property Management Specialists but are also New Build Specialists.

Our rent roll has grown organically with a large number of new homes. When you invest in a newly built property, you should partner with a management team who know the ins and outs of new builds to ensure your investment brings you the best possible returns, avoids all delays and enables you to claim all your taxable deductions.

Managing newly built properties is very different to managing an established property, and by selecting an agency that doesn’t specialise in new homes, you could be opening yourself up to loss of money due to extended vacancy periods, unnecessary maintenance costs from items that should have been picked up and addressed during the warranty periods, and incomplete details for your accountant when it comes to tax time.

We have experience in managing properties from the construction stage right through until the first home renters move in and then continue to enjoy the space. With relationships with leading builders and understanding the construction to handover stage, we know when and how to market your property to find you a home renter ready to move in as soon as the home is ready for residents.

We understand the warranty periods and what is covered from the moment your home renter moves in. We know what to look for during our routine inspections to report back to the builder. We also can arrange comprehensive depreciation schedules to ensure you can claim the maximum deductions at tax time, and we are connected with great, independent building inspectors.

When should you engage us for your new build investment property?

As soon as possible! Don’t wait until the property is fully built and handed over as you could end up wasting time and forgoing rent. Engage us early and we can be there to guide you through the building and leasing process step by step, through to when a suitable home renter has moved in as soon the property is ready. Then we can take care of the ongoing management to ensure your property remains in top condition and bringing you a great return.