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Data is the new oil and the Sunshine Coast is at the Epicenter!

“Data is the new oil of the 21st century. Investing in data and our digital capability is critical to our future prosperity. These investments allow better decision making and a faster response to the changes in our economy and society,” said Philip Lowe, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Mr Lowe, shared this statement in a speech he gave at the Melbourne Business Analytics conference last month, reinforcing the fact that investment in data and Australia’s digital capability is critical to the future of the country’s economy.

Mr. Lowe’s words are like music to the ears of those of us who have been shouting from the rooftops the benefit of the submarine broadband cable to the Sunshine Coast beyond just fast internet connection to stream movies.  

We know that digital is the way forward and that some of the biggest companies in existence today, and in the startup phase soon to launch, are in or incorporate data and tech. 

Why this is relevant to you is because of the broadband cable on the Sunshine Coast, this region has a brand new spotlight shining on it and is attracting top tech investment. With Queensland’s first direct international data and telecommunications connection to global markets now in service, here on the Sunshine Coast, the Japan Guam Australia (JGA) cable provides the fastest international connection point from Queensland and east Australia to Asia. This will help stimulate local business, generate new investment and improve telecommunications diversity to Australia’s east coast.

The Sunshine Coast has been a magnet for big thinkers for years. But now, more than ever, clever business owners and CEOs alike are choosing to expand or establish their businesses here. Sunshine Coast Council recently announced that the cable landing station secured yet another world-class tenant this month, further propelling the Sunshine Coast towards its intended future as a hub for tech-savvy and data-hungry enterprise.

Not only is big business moving here, but so are the staff! It’s not hard to see why – can you think of another region in Australia that offers such an incredible combination of business and lifestyle benefits? While the brand new, world-class CBD and broadband cable make such great business sense, the beach and hinterland lifestyle here helps make the decision to move families from across the country and the globe an easy sell. 

Sunshine Coast Council shared that solid economic activity, exceptional lifestyle factors, high business confidence, billions in public and private infrastructure investment underway – all these factors are pushing the Sunshine Coast to the front of the growth wave. 

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