Our Story - Direct Rentals

Our Story

Direct Collective saw a need in property management for a fresh approach. Combining the dedicated focus and customer-centric approach of a specialist property management firm with market-leading structure and property insight – we cover all property aspects.

Too often rental property manager’s tire of the role and it shows in their interactions with both home owners and home renters alike. Issues that could and should be resolved quickly and efficiently drag out upsetting home renters and causing stress for home owners. So, we’ve purposely built a property management culture that’s very different to the way properties have always been managed in the past. We value both our owners and renters equally and we understand their interdependence on one another. We think in terms of return to the owner and we know a critical part of that is managing the home renters’ expectations honestly and fairly too.

We get onto issues quickly and we communicate openly with all parties to get them resolved… there’s not much that can’t be solved with open and honest communication. We truly understand the kind of relationship property managers, owners and residents collectively need to have to make it a success for everyone. This is why we have team members called ‘Relationship Managers’, not simply property managers. We support our team members so that they can best support you. We do this by limiting the number of properties to be managed by each Relationship Manager and we have specialist support staff to manage the accounting and processing of tasks.

Our Structure

Our leadership is made up of dedicated business managers and team leaders.

Homing management team are dedicated leasing specialists solely focussed on getting the right people for each home.

Accounting team manages the trust account, payments and bills.

Processing specialists take care of all the administrative tasks.

Everyone works in the roles they excel at, and no one is overloaded so that no relationship, task or question is overlooked.

As part of the Direct Collective, wea are able to support clients in a wide range of property specialties, with each service team directly focussed on delivering in their genius zone. The strength of our collective can benefit every single client with the opportunities, synergies and efficiencies we provide only available in such a connected and complementary service model.

We work with heart and we’re with you at every stage on your property journey. Whether you’re a home owner or home renter – if you’d like to experience a new and positive rental experience, talk to our friendly Direct Collective team. Call us today on (07) 5408 4444 or fill out the form below to learn more about the Direct Collective experience.