In 2010 we started talking about it. In 2013 one of our stories was published at a time when no one else could see it. A bit over 5 years later the property council warned Sunshine Coast Council of the looming housing issue to hit by 2041. That ongoing issue remains but we are feeling the pressure now.


Today crisis talks are being held


This is the beginning of the most significant shift in the history of the Sunshine Coast, likely ever.


So many people are acting like it was a surprise that came out of nowhere. Some are dismissive saying this is as a result of COVID. No, this was already coming for the reasons we outlined a decade ago with our sister business Investor Property.


The 2041 issue isn’t going away any time soon. 20 years isn’t enough time to fix the problem without a dramatic change in either planning or reversal in population growth. The latter is more likely to be the opposite, the former is in the hands of council where the majority of new councillors were elected at the last election based on a ‘no development’ mandate.


We saw it, we called it before anyone else. Yet our public statements were more conservative than our internal discussions. Even those proved to be conservative, because that is what we do, we like to surprise on the upside.


Now we will take a different approach in our communication – we are shouting from the rooftops. We have been right for the last 10 years in our predictions, we have put our money where our mouth is, and now as the predicted crisis situations are unfolding we see a way forward for investors, renters and the whole community to move onward with a fair and just outcome.


Want to know what is coming? Want to know what we see now that no-one else sees yet? Want to know how we do that and why?


Then you need to be a part of our community because not only will you hear what our research shows long before others, you will gain first and exclusive access to the best opportunities whether you be a first home buyer, investor or just moving within the market. We can empower you to do it smarter, more secure and more successfully.


We are part of this community, we are the leaders in property of all kinds in this community, we have been here for the long term and will be for the long term.


Our success is your success and yours is ours. Let us help you achieve more.


We implore you to dive into our research, talk to us about the opportunities and be part of the solution for the Sunshine Coast.


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